Weekly Viewed Archive (On Demand) Report

Is there a way to get a report of views of on demand webinars?

I’d like to just see which on demand webinars are being viewed, when and by who.


That’s something I would really like as well @john.90fb1bab but currently from what I know, there is not such a report but you can look this sort of up up a report per event.

Or you can run a ‘custom lead report’ and only request On Demand viewers but I don’t find that 100% reliable yet :frowning:

@john.90fb1bab I wonder if you can change the category of this post to the “Product Ideas Forum” so people can upvote it!

Done, thank you for the suggestion.

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One thing I’d add to this request is making sure the report can be shown for all time. I did a trial of Advanced Analytics recently and was disappointed to see it could only go back 180 days.

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